OpenGL is an API specification for 2D and 3D graphics. It is implemented by hardware vendors on graphics cards or can be implemented in software. Hardware vendors pick and choose which operations are to be hardware accelerated.

All implementations can be accessed through a library of procedural C functions. More information about OpenGL can be found for free in the following book “The Red Book”. My favourite book on the subject is more mathematical than the previous one and is for sale here.

I like to develop in Java and hence use the JOGL library which translates the C functions into Java functions via the JNI. The functions are not wrapped, appearing as they would in C code. It would be nice to have a library written in an object oriented fashion (as is available for C++ here) but this is not available currently as far as I know. JOGL is available here.

LWJGL stands for the Light-Weight Java Gaming Library and is another library which gives you a lot of useful functions for writing games including windowing tools and precise timers. It is available here.


Hello world!

This is your my first post. My name is Phil and I am a software developer in the telecoms business. I will be using this blog to keep track of my current casual work. I hope you find it useful!